Car Clay Detailing



Car Clay is easy and convenient to use,Very effective at removing tree sap & bug stains on painted surfaces,and there are small brown spots from saps accumulated over time.
Car Clay can be used on Paintwork, Glass, Clear optical plastics (headlights / tail lights), Polished metal (stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, etc.), Wheels, Carbon fiber, Exhaust tips.
Instructions: place clay bar in bucket of soapy water or use the diluted as lubricant and gently rub over surface of vehicle
Note: Before using clay to wipe, please timely clean the surface of large dust particles AT THE SAME TIME please clean the big particle stains in time in the cleaning process to prevent the big particles attached to the car Clay Bars, causing scratches on the surface of the car paint

The physical properties of Magic Clay Bar are stable and flexible, highly efficient in decontamination and not easy to spread out